104G Starfighter

by Jimmy Cancino




This model is Hasegawa's F-104G Starfighter depicted as i appeared with the Taiwanese air force in the 1970's.

It features a Black Box resin cockpit as well as Aires resin wheel wells.

The opening canopy section was detailed using stretched sprue and modified leftover photo etched bits from the parts bin.

Brake lines were added to the main landing gear legs from nickel wire and microwire insulation.

The aircraft was painted using trusty Model Master enamel paints using an Aztek double action airbrush.

I then applied a very diluted black wash made of airtist's oil paint and Weber & Costello "Sansodor" thinner.

Albatros Modelworks' excellent decals were then applied and the model was overcoated with Aeromaster clear flat acrylic varnish.

This is a superb fitting kit that offers many colour scheme possibilities - highly recommended !

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