CV-12 Hornet

by Rick Bellanger




Here is my latest ship model.

It is the 1/350th Trumpeter, Essex Class Carrier, completed as the USS Hornet CV-12, 1944.

The model is painted with Floquil Marine colors in the Measure 33/3A paint scheme, of Navy Blue (5-N), Haze Gray (5-H) and Pale Gray (5-P).

It carries a complete air group on board, a total of 92 planes. 40 F6F's, 33 SB2C's and 19 TBF's / TBM's.

The Hanger Bay is detailed with overhead bracing and bulkhead details.

I used 3 different photoetch sets to detail this model. Gold Medal Models, White Ensign and Tom's.

I had a lot of fun building this model with the worst part assembling, detailing and painting the 92 aircraft. I spent more time doing this then actually working on the ship.



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