by Patrick Hawkey




Here is my 1/48 scale TF-102.

The basic kit was the original Revell-Monogram F-102 with the Case XX wings, with the C & H TF-102 conversion.

Due to both the gloss finish she was eventually to wear and the amount of body work I knew was in store, I rescribed all the upper surfaces. The bottoms of the wings I left alone.

My ADC gray was Testor's Model Master Aircraft Gray (FS 16473) with about 40% insignia white added. Some of the photos Mr. Lucky supplied showed some pretty worn and patchy finishes on F-102s. I mixed a slightly darker shade of my basecoat and sprayed some random patches and panel lines to give a slightly used finish. I followed that with a little streaking of brown and black artist's oils. No pre-shading or post shading. For those that care about such things, I use a Paasche H airbrush.

The tiger badge transfer was a five separate color
(black/white/red/yellow/orange) you-put-it-together-in-layers affair that I applied to a bit of clear decal film.

It worked marvelously!



Copyright 2004 by Patrick Hawkey & The Testor Corporation