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Testor's ScaleWorkshop Office Walkaround

by Brett Green




Testor's ScaleWorkshop is prepared and posted from a basement office in my house, located in Sydney Australia. This office also performs the functions of model workroom, library, photo studio and model storage.

It is getting a little crowded in here!

Here are some photos of the main elements of the ScaleWorkshop office.

The Model Desk

As we walk into the office, my model desk is to the immediate right hand side.

I use an old office desk with a return attached to the side as my model workbench.



For more details about the workbench, see the Video series.

Spray Booth and Storage

The spray booth lives on top of the refrigerator (almost exclusively filled with Coca Cola, by the way). The silent compressor is right next to the spray booth. Further along the same wall are drawers for storage of model accessories. The large set of wooden drawers are from an old Pharmacy - perfect for this purpose.



More Storage and Office Equipment

The phone-fax is at the end of the line of drawers and next to my computer desk. Cables are draped untidily from the ceiling for the phone, computer and other services.



Computer Desk

Turning to our right, we see the computer desk. This is where I spend a lot of my time. ScaleWorkshop and HyperScale are both created and maintained at this desk.

The computer is a "grey" box, 1.8 Ghz Athlon machine with 17" monitor. Scanner, printer and phones are all handy, but the workspace is small and somewhat crowded.




Along the same wall, to the right of the computer desk, is another tower of drawers and four 7' bookshelves housing my reference collection. Most magazines are stored elsewhere but all my books are here, close at hand.


Photo Studio

Make a right turn at the end of the bookshelves and we are at the photo studio.

Okay, it is not really a photo studio, but it is the dedicated space where I take all my indoor photos. I have an old, small dining table as the base for photography. Two large incandescent lights are permanently set up. One is a video light with two 500 watt bulbs and an inbuilt curved reflector, and the other is a single 500 watt "Barton light" shooting through a translucent white umbrella. The combination of these lights provides bright, even lighting for most photographic subjects.

Backgrounds and bases are stored conveniently under the table.



A hint of kit storage can be seen at the far right of this picture.


Display Area

Coming back to the door again, there are two self-assembled display cabinets with a selection of models. The television between the cabinets is rarely turned on.

The camouflage-pattern filing cabinet and curtain at the door was my wife's ironic input to the room!


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Photographs and Text
Copyright 2003 by The Testor Corporation and Brett Green